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The following lists the discussion papers and final revised papers published within the last 60 days.
24 May 2017
A 21 000-year record of fluorescent organic matter markers in the WAIS Divide ice core
Juliana D'Andrilli, Christine M. Foreman, Michael Sigl, John C. Priscu, and Joseph R. McConnell
Clim. Past, 13, 533-544, doi:10.5194/cp-13-533-2017, 2017
23 May 2017
Sedimentary record from the Canada Basin, Arctic Ocean: implications for late to middle Pleistocene glacial history
Linsen Dong, Yanguang Liu, Xuefa Shi, Leonid Polyak, Yuanhui Huang, Xisheng Fang, Jianxing Liu, Jianjun Zou, Kunshan Wang, Fuqiang Sun, and Xuchen Wang
Clim. Past, 13, 511-531, doi:10.5194/cp-13-511-2017, 2017
22 May 2017
Eurasian contribution to the last glacial dust cycle: how are loess sequences built?
Denis-Didier Rousseau, Anders Svensson, Matthias Bigler, Adriana Sima, Jorgen Peder Steffensen, and Niklas Boers
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2017-67, 2017
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 0 comments)
19 May 2017
Decadal resolution record of Oman upwelling indicates solar forcing of the Indian summer monsoon (9–6 ka)
Philipp M. Munz, Stephan Steinke, Anna Böll, Andreas Lückge, Jeroen Groeneveld, Michal Kucera, and Hartmut Schulz
Clim. Past, 13, 491-509, doi:10.5194/cp-13-491-2017, 2017
19 May 2017
A pseudoproxy assessment of data assimilation for reconstructing the atmosphere-ocean dynamics of hydroclimate extremes
Nathan Steiger and Jason Smerdon
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2017-69, 2017
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 0 comments)
19 May 2017
A complete representation of uncertainties in layer-counted paleoclimatic archives
Niklas Boers, Bedartha Goswami, and Michael Ghil
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2017-70, 2017
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 0 comments)
16 May 2017
Effects of undetected data quality issues on climatological analyses
Stefan Hunziker, Stefan Brönnimann, Juan Marcos Calle, Isabel Moreno, Marcos Andrade, Laura Ticona, Adrian Huerta, and Waldo Lavado-Casimiro
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2017-64, 2017
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 0 comments)
15 May 2017
Atlantic Multidecadal Variability from the Last Millennium Reanalysis
Hansi K. A. Singh, Gregory J. Hakim, Robert Tardif, Julien Emile-Geay, and David C. Noone
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2017-49, 2017
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 0 comments)
12 May 2017
Large-scale drivers of Caucasus climate variability in meteorological records and Mt El'brus ice cores
Anna Kozachek, Vladimir Mikhalenko, Valérie Masson-Delmotte, Alexey Ekaykin, Patrick Ginot, Stanislav Kutuzov, Michel Legrand, Vladimir Lipenkov, and Susanne Preunkert
Clim. Past, 13, 473-489, doi:10.5194/cp-13-473-2017, 2017
12 May 2017
Ensemble cloud-resolving modelling of a historic back-building mesoscale convective system over Liguria: the San Fruttuoso case of 1915
Antonio Parodi, Luca Ferraris, William Gallus, Maurizio Maugeri, Luca Molini, Franco Siccardi, and Giorgio Boni
Clim. Past, 13, 455-472, doi:10.5194/cp-13-455-2017, 2017
11 May 2017
Latest Permian carbonate-carbon isotope variability traces heterogeneous organic carbon accumulation and authigenic carbonate formation
Martin Schobben, Sebastiaan van de Velde, Jana Suchocka, Lucyna Leda, Dieter Korn, Ulrich Struck, Clemens Vinzenz Ullmann, Vachik Hairapetian, Abbas Ghaderi, Christoph Korte, Robert J. Newton, Simon W. Poulton, and Paul B. Wignall
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2017-66, 2017
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 0 comments)
09 May 2017
A glaciochemical study of the 120 m ice core from Mill Island, East Antarctica
Mana Inoue, Mark A. J. Curran, Andrew D. Moy, Tas D. van Ommen, Alexander D. Fraser, Helen E. Phillips, and Ian D. Goodwin
Clim. Past, 13, 437-453, doi:10.5194/cp-13-437-2017, 2017
08 May 2017
Reconstructing paleoclimate fields using online data assimilation with a linear inverse model
Walter A. Perkins and Gregory J. Hakim
Clim. Past, 13, 421-436, doi:10.5194/cp-13-421-2017, 2017
03 May 2017
Examining bias in pollen-based quantitative climate reconstructions induced by human impact on vegetation
Wei Ding, Qinghai Xu, and Pavel E. Tarasov
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2017-63, 2017
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 1 comment)
26 Apr 2017
Emulation of long-term changes in global climate: Application to the late Pliocene and future
Natalie S. Lord, Michel Crucifix, Dan J. Lunt, Mike C. Thorne, Nabila Bounceur, Harry Dowsett, Charlotte L. O'Brien, and Andy Ridgwell
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2017-57, 2017
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 0 comments)
24 Apr 2017
Holocene dynamics in the Bering Strait inflow to the Arctic and the Beaufort Gyre circulation based on sedimentary records from the Chukchi Sea
Masanobu Yamamoto, Seung-Il Nam, Leonid Polyak, Daisuke Kobayashi, Kenta Suzuki, Tomohisa Irino, and Koji Shimada
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2017-58, 2017
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 0 comments)
21 Apr 2017
Influence of North Pacific decadal variability on the western Canadian Arctic over the past 700 years
François Lapointe, Pierre Francus, Scott F. Lamoureux, Mathias Vuille, Jean-Philippe Jenny, Raymond S. Bradley, and Charly Massa
Clim. Past, 13, 411-420, doi:10.5194/cp-13-411-2017, 2017
20 Apr 2017
Development and evaluation of a system of proxy data assimilation for paleoclimate reconstruction
Atsushi Okazaki and Kei Yoshimura
Clim. Past, 13, 379-393, doi:10.5194/cp-13-379-2017, 2017
20 Apr 2017
Aromatic acids in a Eurasian Arctic ice core: a 2600-year proxy record of biomass burning
Mackenzie M. Grieman, Murat Aydin, Diedrich Fritzsche, Joseph R. McConnell, Thomas Opel, Michael Sigl, and Eric S. Saltzman
Clim. Past, 13, 395-410, doi:10.5194/cp-13-395-2017, 2017
20 Apr 2017
De Long Trough: A newly discovered glacial trough on the East Siberian Continental Margin
Matt O'Regan, Jan Backman, Natalia Barrientos, Thomas M. Cronin, Gemery Laura, Nina Kirchner, Larry A. Mayer, Johan Nilsson, Riko Noormets, Christof Pearce, Igor Semilietov, Christian Stranne, and Martin Jakobsson
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2017-56, 2017
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 0 comments)
20 Apr 2017
Vegetation and fire anomalies during the last ~ 70 ka in the Ili Basin, Central Asia, and their implications for the ecology change caused by human activities
Yunfa Miao, Yougui Song, Yue Li, Shengli Yang, and Yun Li
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2017-62, 2017
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 0 comments)
19 Apr 2017
Summer temperature evolution on the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russian Far East, during the past 20 000 years
Vera D. Meyer, Jens Hefter, Gerrit Lohmann, Lars Max, Ralf Tiedemann, and Gesine Mollenhauer
Clim. Past, 13, 359-377, doi:10.5194/cp-13-359-2017, 2017
19 Apr 2017
Simulation of climate, ice sheets and CO2 evolution during the last four glacial cycles with an Earth system model of intermediate complexity
Andrei Ganopolski and Victor Brovkin
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2017-55, 2017
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 1 comment)
18 Apr 2017
δ13C decreases in the upper western South Atlantic during Heinrich Stadials 3 and 2
Marília C. Campos, Cristiano M. Chiessi, Ines Voigt, Alberto R. Piola, Henning Kuhnert, and Stefan Mulitza
Clim. Past, 13, 345-358, doi:10.5194/cp-13-345-2017, 2017
12 Apr 2017
Pseudo-proxy evaluation of Climate Field Reconstruction methods of North Atlantic climate based on an annually resolved marine proxy network
Maria Pyrina, Sebastian Wagner, and Eduardo Zorita
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2017-61, 2017
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 3 comments)
11 Apr 2017
Sensitivity of the Eocene Climate to CO2 and Orbital Variability
John S. Keery, Philip B. Holden, and Neil R. Edwards
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2017-60, 2017
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 0 comments)
10 Apr 2017
Holocene evolution of the North Atlantic subsurface transport
Janne Repschläger, Dieter Garbe-Schönberg, Mara Weinelt, and Ralph Schneider
Clim. Past, 13, 333-344, doi:10.5194/cp-13-333-2017, 2017
07 Apr 2017
Freshening of the Labrador Sea as a trigger for Little Ice Age development
Montserrat Alonso-Garcia, Helga (Kikki) F. Kleiven, Jerry F. McManus, Paola Moffa-Sanchez, Wallace S. Broecker, and Benjamin P. Flower
Clim. Past, 13, 317-331, doi:10.5194/cp-13-317-2017, 2017
07 Apr 2017
Comparing proxy and model estimates of hydroclimate variability and change over the Common Era
Jason E. Smerdon, Jürg Luterbacher, Steven J. Phipps, Kevin J. Anchukaitis, Toby Ault, Sloan Coats, Kim M. Cobb, Benjamin I. Cook, Chris Colose, Thomas Felis, Ailie Gallant, Johann H. Jungclaus, Bronwen Konecky, Allegra LeGrande, Sophie Lewis, Alex S. Lopatka, Wenmin Man, Justin S. Mankin, Justin T. Maxwell, Bette L. Otto-Bliesner, Judson W. Partin, Deepti Singh, Nathan J. Steiger, Samantha Stevenson, Jessica E. Tierney, Davide Zanchettin, Huan Zhang, Alyssa R. Atwood, Laia Andreu-Hayles, Seung H. Baek, Brendan Buckley, Edward R. Cook, Rosanne D'Arrigo, Sylvia G. Dee, Michael Griffiths, Charuta Kulkarni, Yochanan Kushnir, Flavio Lehner, Caroline Leland, Hans W. Linderholm, Atsushi Okazaki, Jonathan Palmer, Eduardo Piovano, Christoph C. Raible, Mukund P. Rao, Jacob Scheff, Gavin A. Schmidt, Richard Seager, Martin Widmann, A. Park Williams, and Elena Xoplaki
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2017-37, 2017
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 1 comment)
05 Apr 2017
The 3.6 ka Aniakchak tephra in the Arctic Ocean: a constraint on the Holocene radiocarbon reservoir age in the Chukchi Sea
Christof Pearce, Aron Varhelyi, Stefan Wastegård, Francesco Muschitiello, Natalia Barrientos, Matt O'Regan, Thomas M. Cronin, Laura Gemery, Igor Semiletov, Jan Backman, and Martin Jakobsson
Clim. Past, 13, 303-316, doi:10.5194/cp-13-303-2017, 2017
05 Apr 2017
Hydroclimate variability in Scandinavia over the last millennium – insights from a climate model-proxy data comparison
Kristina Seftigen, Hugues Goosse, Francois Klein, and Deliang Chen
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2017-36, 2017
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 0 comments)
04 Apr 2017
Late Holocene intensification of the westerly winds at the subantarctic Auckland Islands (51° S), New Zealand
Imogen M. Browne, Christopher M. Moy, Christina R. Riesselman, Helen L. Neil, Lorelei G. Curtin, Andrew R. Gorman, and Gary S. Wilson
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2017-52, 2017
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 0 comments)
03 Apr 2017
Permian Megamonsoon Sensitivity to Paleo-Tethys Warm Pool: Model Simulations using CCSM3
Christine A. Shields and Jeffrey T. Kiehl
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2017-42, 2017
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 2 comments)
03 Apr 2017
A multi-proxy analysis of late Quaternary Indian monsoon dynamics for the Maldives, Inner Sea
Dorothea Bunzel, Gerhard Schmiedl, Sebastian Lindhorst, Andreas Mackensen, Jesús Reolid, Sarah Romahn, and Christian Betzler
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2017-54, 2017
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 2 comments)
31 Mar 2017
Climate variability in subarctic area for the last two millennia
Marie Nicolle, Maxime Debret, Nicolas Massei, Christophe Colin, Anne deVernal, Dmitry Divine, Johannes P. Werner, Anne Hormes, Atte Korhola, and Hans W. Linderholm
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2017-33, 2017
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 4 comments)
31 Mar 2017
The Indian summer monsoon climate during the Last Millennium, as simulated by the PMIP3
Charan Teja Tejavath, Ashok Karumuri, Supriyo Chakraborty, and Rengasamy Ramesh
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2017-24, 2017
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 0 comments)
30 Mar 2017
Spatio-temporal variability of Arctic summer temperatures over the past two millennia: an overview of the last major climate anomalies
Johannes P. Werner, Dmitry V. Divine, Fredrik Charpentier Ljungqvist, Tine Nilsen, and Pierre Francus
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2017-29, 2017
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 3 comments)
29 Mar 2017
Was the Little Ice Age more or less El Niño-like than the Medieval Climate Anomaly? Evidence from hydrological and temperature proxy data
Lilo M. K. Henke, F. Hugo Lambert, and Dan J. Charman
Clim. Past, 13, 267-301, doi:10.5194/cp-13-267-2017, 2017
29 Mar 2017
Deglacial sea-level history of the East Siberian Sea Margin
Thomas M. Cronin, Matt O'Regan, Christof Pearce, Laura Gemery, Michael Toomey, Igor Semiletov, and Martin Jakobsson
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2017-19, 2017
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: final response, 3 comments)
28 Mar 2017
Central Arctic Ocean paleoceanography from ~ 50 ka to present, on the basis of ostracode faunal assemblages from SWERUS 2014 expedition
Laura Gemery, Thomas M. Cronin, Robert K. Poirier, Christof Pearce, Natalia Barrientos, Matt O’Regan, Carina Johansson, Andrey Koshurnikov, and Martin Jakobsson
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2017-22, 2017
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 1 comment)
28 Mar 2017
Analysing the sensitivity of pollen based land-cover maps to different auxiliary variables
Behnaz Pirzamanbein, Anneli Poska, and Johan Lindström
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2017-51, 2017
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 0 comments)
28 Mar 2017
Review of regional Antarctic snow accumulation over the past 1000 years
Elizabeth R. Thomas, J. Melchior van Wessem, Jason Roberts, Elisabeth Isaksson, Elisabeth Schlosser, TJ Fudge, Paul Vallelonga, Brooke Medley, Jan Lenaerts, Nancy Bertler, Michiel R. van den Broeke, Daniel A. Dixon, Massimo Frezzotti, Barbara Stenni, Mark Curran, and Alexey A. Ekaykin
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2017-18, 2017
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 2 comments)
27 Mar 2017
Environmental dynamics since the last glacial in arid Central Asia: evidence from grain size distribution and magnetic properties of loess from the Ili Valley, western China
Yue Li, Yougui Song, Kathryn E. Fitzsimmons, Hong Chang, Rustam Orozbaev, and Xinxin Li
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2017-50, 2017
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 6 comments)
27 Mar 2017
Atlantic Water advection vs glacier dynamics in northern Spitsbergen since early deglaciation
Martin Bartels, Jürgen Titschack, Kirsten Fahl, Rüdiger Stein, Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz, Claude Hillaire-Marcel, and Dierk Hebbeln
Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2017-53, 2017
Manuscript under review for CP (discussion: open, 3 comments)
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